Some of the happenings in our wrap world.

Full Wrap = Big Cusomization

completely transforming your car, van or truck, whether it be a color change or a promotional design. The return on investment is one of the best in the advertising industry, but also one that has a huge advantage, protecting the vehicles value…by directly protecting your manufacturer paintwork.

The wrap contracted by Moscow Copper Company had us turning this amazing red 1938 Chevy Truck into a copper work of art. But like so many of us, they were putting the cart before the horse (power), and we were asked to wrap the vehicle before it was ready to drive. This meant we were wrapping in place.



Montecito, California is a beautiful place. Being adjacent to Santa Barbara means it has some of the best weather in the world. Lush tropical trees, high mountains and an ocean frontage does lend itself to an odd micro climate: dense foggy mornings followed by warm direct sunlight... this made for an even more delicate wrap project. Although we use heat to assist in wrapping, we do like to control it. Too much (i.e. direct Montecito sunlight) and the vinyl just melts, so we were constantly racing against the sundial.

Huge curves made this truck similar to wrapping a football (this equals 'no fun' in the wrap world) and numerous unique features covered the vehicle. One that stands out apart from the rest is the grill work. A stamped Chevrolet logo, large hinges and deep indented structural reinforcements, were other elements that added to the complexity of the wrap.



After completing the color change, some spot printed and cut graphics were added to finish off the detail for this remarkable vehicle.