Some of the happenings in our wrap world.

Skip the cost of painting a vehicle.

Taking advantage of new technologies, better longevity in vinyl materials, textures, color varieties, specialty patterns, and other unique attributes of a vinyl installation can provide a quality finish that's leaps and bounds over a far more expensive paint job.

The wrap was contracted by Impossible-Project, which after acquiring the intellectual properties of defunct Polaroid, has been renamed Polaroid Originals. We find ourselves fortunate to have had a participatory role in their marketing, and are happy to be part of saving a piece of history that was destined for oblivion. This said, let's talk about the "impossible" project.

Fresh off the lot, we were presented with a bronzy-brown jeep patriot. A boxy vehicle with some deep depressions and angular edges mixed with some rounded body curves. Focusing on black and white film, it made sense for the company to go with a matte black color change wrap and then adding additional spot graphics to promote the company.



The vehicles intended use as both a traveling promotional tool and a method of transporting equipment lent itself to wrapping some windows as well, keeping people from being able to peer in and see the vehicles contents. This also helped add to the matte nature of the matte black wrap by eliminating the reflection coming off the window.



Front end deep grill work did take some extra attention and with the impossible detail complete, this job took to the road.